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In this era of economic take-off, the construction of various projects carry about orderly.Quarry equipment has become the first choice for sand and gravel investors.The quarry equipment adopts wear-resistant parts with high-quality to reduce the wear.

quarry equipment

Quarry equipment has the following three major advantages: the hammer head adopts high manganese materials. During application, the wear-resistant is small and the utilization rate is high. Menggang ultra wear resistant steel, used in wear small, metal utilization rate is high. The replacement of the wear parts is simple. The quarry equipment can crush soft stone and hard stone, and the crushing rate is big.The grain shape is great and have high yield.The gap between counter plate and plate hammer can be adjusted. Replacing the plate hammer which is at the bottom of the grinding chamber is also very simple.It has greatly reduce the time and cost of maintenance.

Since the quarry equipment has been put into practice, it has withstood various kinds of tests. It not only improves the efficiency of ore crushing, but also promotes the development of ore crushing and processing industry.

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