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Aggregate production line equipment: a broken jaw crusher, secondary crusher crusher and cone crusher, impact crusher followed that Sand, and finally mill. It plays a very important role in the construction of the class, in the spices, cement by mixing with water, into a thin paste, if not aggregate, it will not be formed, will lead to unusable. So in the construction industry, the aggregate is leading a very important role. Gravel is an indispensable building material, widely used in construction, roads, highways, railways, engineering and other fields. 

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As the demand for artificial sand is quite large, and increasingly high quality requirements, if you still use a single legalistic crushing equipment, is not able to meet production needs. So we need to stone production line, sand production line, sand production line, stone production line, etc. These set of production equipment, which are all transmission equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment consisting produce gravel aggregate size uniform, and the fineness and efficiency relative to a single device has greatly improved, fully meet the production needs. 

Sand and gravel production line is a production of construction sand and stone of special equipment, capable of saving than traditional sand making about half. In operation, the need to get a variety of stones, stone crusher, after processing, we need to become finished sand. The vulnerability of sand and gravel production line is currently the newest color with high-strength wear-resistant materials, low loss, long life, customers can bring considerable economic benefits. After the product was broken cube-shaped, low flakiness content, without internal cracks, engage in high pressure. Sand and gravel production line equipment according to the material type to define, producing the finished product, including stone and sand, also known as sand and gravel production line. Equivalent combination of stone and sand production line production line. 

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