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Cone Crusher is a professional crushing equipment, which is widely used in metallurgical, architectural, water and electricity, traffic, chemical, architectural material industries. It is suitable for crushing varies of mid hard and above mid hard ores and rocks. Due cone crusher extensive use of the machine , cone crusher in the course of the problem can not be ignored . Here Yifan Machinery technical personnel explain you how to deal with the cone crusher rolling acetabular wall rupture ?

hydraulic cone crusher

The reason of rolling acetabular wall rupture is castings containing parathion high impurity manganese contenttoo low. Therefore, manufacturers of special steel prior to casting the elements sure to accurately engage the ratio of each component to minimize harmful impurities , and the component element in the calculation of the production of finished products must first consider the effect of impurities. There are customers in the purchase of equipment, accessories, especially some of the larger wall thickness special steel castings, be sure to select those giant laboratory facilities were complete , do not buy special steel casting factory in the small ; thick-walled castings at the time of purchase should carefully check the quality of its appearance , to see whether its rough appearance , cracks , blisters and other defects affecting the strength .
If the cone crusher rolling acetabular wall rupture when using, you can contact Yifan machinery manufacturers. Yifan Machinery not only the production crushing and screening equipment but also the production of cone crusher parts . Thank you for your attention on Yifan Machinery .

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