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For growing construction waste , many companies began to study the appropriate techniques and countermeasures , Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. As a professional manufacturer of quarry equipment, the company advanced technology from Germany on the basis of continuous innovation, research and development with independent intellectual property rights of construction waste disposal equipment - mobile crushing plant . The introduction of mobile crushing plant equipment will be on China's construction waste resources toward the development of future play an important role in promoting.

mobile crushing plant

Yifan Machinery construction waste disposal equipment mobile crushing plant daily volume of waste processing building at about 1,000 tons, half of all the nearby brick business as unburned material as the rest of the municipal road concrete aggregate water stability layer material . Price than other conventional building materials cheap , popular market welcomed. Yifan Machinery developed and launched the device configuration based on the effective utilization of different construction waste can reach 80 % -100 % , no secondary pollution , can achieve near- zero pollution, zero emissions ideal environmental effects .
As one of the important quarry equipment equipment mobile crushing plant.,in dealing with construction waste popular market. So Yifan Machinery attaches great importance to the development and use of mobile crushing plant technology.

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